Old Evil

by Broken Beak

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released February 17, 2015

all songs written by beau brynes
recorded and produced by jake ewald at michael jordan house
additional vocals and instruments by jake ewald and roya weidman
cover photo by troy memis



all rights reserved


Homeless Snail Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cold Chinese
i look up at the light and my eyes fall out
yeah the neighbor kids
they like to start fires
we'll put em out

i stop staring, i'll bury myself in the land
if and when it doesn't kill the lights
well, i'll be fine
burning alive
Track Name: Lucy
some sing a warning i'm coming
there's a fire thats flooding
let's go swimming

you better run for your life
you'll see my evil if ya stay out tonight

tell me a story, something happy
love me, love me
oh please, love me

we go walkin' hand in hand
my claws start diggin' in
Track Name: Happy and Heavy
i found a new place to stay inside the woods
the branches and thorns will cut up my arms
i'm eating little bugs and berries
i'm climbin' up to hear the thicket breathe

there's something in the water, a lady swimmin'
she's on fire, her skin starts to hiss
watching colors flood
she's fast asleep, sunburned and murky

i guess that i should head home to my family
sick as a dog, packed up and ready to leave
drink a little blood like the old days
wakin' up happy and heavy
Track Name: Mire
you lack luminance
you are the color black
oh what a mess
as you fade unto the next

woe, wasted, wild
stay for a little bit
you are a house a house
all of your power is out

you lack permanence
you've come and gone
you lack permanence
where have you gone
Track Name: Hurry
hurry i might get caught in a haze
but i think i might have what it takes

i'm brimming still with shiver and vomit
oh darling why are you so hard to sleep with

empty pocket pill popper
lonely little motherfucker

all alone
Track Name: Psychic House
hey cocaine mouth
i've been livin' in a psychic house
with all my dooms-dayin'
and getting carried away

i ditched the insects
all the gold and pomegranate
the dark-dark and the ocular dress
in the basement

there's nothing to it
being the pulp
waiting for the end to come

so give me meaning
please share your pulse
i'll let it hurt when it gets lost

hey old snake
shed your skin across the page
i can't think of anything
as you slither away

your pupils draw close to mine
i'm steppin' in a puddle of muddy eyes
and stay curled up under the ink
until it dries
Track Name: Never Was
you can't color over the rust
but you still try to cover up
get in the car and then we can discuss
what could have been and what never was

such a malicious critique
sends us crashing into a tree
well i guess now i can finally see
how i seem like i might be crazy

vultures preyed and i heard what they said
"we'll swallow them both, once we're hungry again"
but we'll kick them out of their nest
with the smoke that floats from the engine

we'll think of branches cindered
as we avoid these splinters
that lay amongst the glass and the leaves
you lean to me and you whisper

"i'm afraid that i might live forever"

such a little thing, what's left of light
you're such a little thing
Track Name: Nausea
scribbled lines on a bit of paper
i held in my hands
and then i slowly read aloud
to no one but myself
"sometimes we speak in different languages"

we're better off

poorly painted portraits leading way to the train station
you come crawling down concrete
and i'll be waiting

we're heading home

and i might be thinking of red lights
that'll slow us down
Track Name: Miners
dirt on my face
i've been trapped down here for days
in the coal mine, all the while
you mentioned your heavy heart's become demented
and my broken handed compliments meant nothing
well i'll try to put it kindly
so i'm not left behind
babe, you can't hear the miners in my chest
as it's caving in, i remember the way i lost my breath
Track Name: Keep Company
her lip was splintered
her speech was wild as it ran
"you're so young and my life's so fucked
that you wouldn't understand"

everyone looks so nice

i followed smoke through the window
black was scribbled on your cloth
a worried face as i float out to space
but houston never calls

everyone looks so nice

and as expected
she starts to leave
i guess a man just has to do what he can
to keep company

everyone looks so nice